At LSA the Hospitality Department ensures the well-being and comfort of guest ministers by providing food and refreshments. Members of the Protocol Department are a group of volunteers that have committed themselves to personally assist the Pastor and Guest Ministers in carrying out their various ministerial assignments.



Ushers meet, greet, and seat parishioners as they enter the Sanctuary and direct foot traffic in and around the sanctuary.


Children of Issachar – Prayer Band

The prayer and intercessory ministries of LSA are volunteer ministries of individuals that boldly enter the presence of God continually in Jesus Name. These ministries pray the Word of God over your situation, life, family, love ones, finances, job, etc. that you may receive the promises of our God through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


Regenerated Voices – Choir Band

The Music Ministry is responsible for providing all musical selections during services and special events. The purpose of this ministry is to prepare the atmosphere for the teaching of the Word of God.


Missions/Evangelism Group

Reaching out the lost is our passion as a Church. Our vision is to reach the unreached and telling the untold that Jesus is Lord!


Follow-Up / Welcome Team

The LSA Greeters provide an atmosphere of warmth and acceptance to all members and guests of LSA by extending loving gestures of hospitality to all. They greet guests worshipping with us at LSA, distribute LSA literature, and assist visitors with registration information. The Follow Up Department embraces and nurture our first time guests, our neighbors and the community with the focus of making Living Spring Allentown the place to be.


Multimedia Group

The Technical Department provides the church with technical support for all events that require sound reinforcement. These events include, but are not limited to rehearsals; all worship services, concerts, remote events that require setup and operation of sound systems. This group also handles the operation and maintenance of audio equipment as well as print media such as our weekly bulletins handed out at each service, and newsletter. They are also responsible for the sales of audiotapes, videotapes, CDs, DVDs, of messages preached at LSA.


Believers Academy:

Foundation Class 101

Foundation Class 201

Foundation Class 301

Sunday School


Church Administration:


Church Décor